Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Day of the Dead Buddha design

This is a work in progress for possible chest piece that I may actually go for one of these days. In keeping with the advice I got as far as what I should do if I want to get into tattooing...the answer? "Get lots of tattoos!"

I am definitely learning a lot this way. Spending time in a tattoo shop, watching other people getting tattoos, and watching carefully as mine get done, I am really learning a lot!

New work on my right arm sleeve tattoo for Brother John

I just got back from another session with Dave at The Dutchman Tattoos in Vancouver. He did about 3.5 hours of intense deep shading on the already existing line work that he did last time. I expected him to get farther along, but he is really digging in to the shading, adding a LOT of amazing details, really working it.

The newer work really blends beautifully with the piece Dave did last year on the top of my forearm.

The area around the spinal cord has an amazing amount of detail, the black areas behind the boney bits have another whole level of subtle designs working in the black areas....

This session left my arm very, very red with inflammation. Interestingly, a lot of people have said they really like the red colour, and I am considering asking Dave to add some red after the black shading has healed.