Thursday, June 28, 2012

Another skull tattoo design........

Fay's beautiful kids on her feet!

I did the names of my dear friend Fay's son and daughter
on the outside of each of her feet. 

'JesseJane' is spelled as one name, and there is also 
supposed to be an 'i' between the second 's' and the 'e'
in 'Jessie'. Fay only noticed it afterwards, and the missing 
letter was added and it really isn't noticeable, luckily!

No typos with Kane's name. Both of them came out really nicely,
and Fay say like a real trooper, considering where these are!

Some ink of my own....

This 'All Seeing Eye' was Dave Nicholson's
piece de resistance to bring my sleeve all 
the way down to wrap around my hand.

Dave did an incredible job of blending the shapes
of the fire and smoke that were already there.

I had these Polynesian tribal lotus symbols done on my hands
by Rose who works out of Parksville. Beautiful!

Dee's Firefly Goddess

A banner with the inscription 'Firefly Goddess'
that is held on each side by the classic old 
school swallows that were already there.

Designed, approved, stenciled, and tattooed
between midnight and 3:30 AM.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Laura's 'Map of the Universe' tattoo....

This is one of the most complex and detailed tattoos
I have attempted thus far, and I was extremely happy 
with the results! Laura is too! A friend of mine, Che-Che, 
sent me a photo of a very similar tattoo that he is interested
in getting. I showed it to Laura, and before long there it was!


Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Sid's Hummingbird design

A new Hummingbird design for Sid. His brother is also getting
a hummingbird tattoo, they are for their mother...

Leanne's kids portrait tattoo

My friend Leanne asked me if I'd like to do a portrait of her
four beautiful kids for her, as a fairly large back upper back piece.
This is my first stab at the design, and she hasn't seen it yet. 
(This is only a Photoshopped rendition of what the 
final tattoo might look like)

I think the flowers really add some warmth to it....

Monday, June 25, 2012

Design for Gary's son's tattoo over his heart.

Gary's been a fisherman his whole life, and is passionate about 
life on the water, so he wanted to frame his son's name 
with something that would reflect that. I love drawing water, 
so this is a design I am extremely comfortable with, 
and appreciate doing as well! Can't wait to ink it!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Mouse's mouse tattoo

Mouse found a photograph of a tattoo
that read, "Daddy's Little Mouse". We lost the 'Daddy's Little' and 
I softened up the illustration a little bit too, this one is more subtle than the original,
but I cannot claim it as an original, it's from a pre-existing design. Nice execution!

It was really satisfying to finally do this tattoo for Mouse (AKA Mary-Anne)
She is a dear friend, and she had told me that she wanted this tattoo over 
two years ago. It's really cool to finally have done it, and it's a beauty!

Matching Wedding Bees for Arlyn and Ellery

My dear friends Arlyn and Ellery had me create matching bee tattoos, an extremely 
special honor as the tattoos are in honor of their getting married this year! 
Both of them sat so very well, and claimed that there was no pain whatsoever.
(well, almost) Very sweet little tattoos, I think that they will heal 
quite differently from each other, and touch ups will probably be necessary. 
But they look really fine and lovely and it was such an honor. Ellery and Arlyn were also my first official customers to travel over from the mainland expressly to get tattooed at
'Elemental Tattoos'~!

Doug's Gee-tar tattoo...

My good friend Doug Longland has wanted to cover up this tiny, sad little 
skull & crossbones for many, many years. So I sat with him while he described what he wanted and
I came up with the drawing below as I sat there with him, on the spot.

I did the tattoo in two sessions. After the first session I was not entirely happy with the tattoo, 
I felt I had tried to do more than I should have, maybe rushed a little bit. But when I did the 
'touch-up' finishing session, it went very well, and I was able to really pull the tattoo together,
and I'm quite happy with the final product, and Doug just LOVES it! 

This tattoo has healed beautifully and the shading
is quite a bit lighter and more subtle than it looks
in these photos. I'll post a photo when I get one.

Frank's tribal spiral...

Dee's Buddha Skull

Val Pink Wings, "Forever and For Always"

Scott's 'Buccaneer' tattoo!

Anne Marie's Hummingbird Memorial for MaryAnne

Colette's tribal back and shoulder piece....

Dave's memorial cross for Sticker

A Scorpio tattoo for Jolene.....

Saturday, June 23, 2012

This is a tattoo design that I created for my sister Kathy. I completed the tattoo on her right forearm over a year ago. Photos of her real tattoo will follow.