Monday, March 24, 2014

Back to basics.....

My buddy Bruce is coming by to have 
his two shoulder tattoos touched up,
and make plans for new ink as well.

Both shoulders were cover ups and require 
just a little bit of touch up to make them
really pop nicely this spring.

Bruce asked me for a
"HD Road Glide riding out of the mountains"
Here 's what we came up with.

Bruce's right shoulder is 
A Biker riding out of the maelstrom
of self destructive addict behaviours.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Tattoo porn?

Someone reported this photo I posted on Facebook,
as my profile picture, as 'nudity and/or pornography.
Folks, that's my legs, my arm,
hands and shoulder.....
I could be wearing a perfectly normal bathing suit.
(albeit it would have to be a Speedo)

I think it's a great photo,
simply showcasing my tattoos and freckles...

I found it superbly amusing that someone
would expend that much energy 
being offended on account of my 
tattoo photos...

the 'offensive' photo

The original photo shoot, 
with my partner Mariya.
Beautiful shots.

An advertising poster for my tattoo business
'Elemental Tattoos'