Saturday, July 17, 2010

Viking Water Compass Tattoo Design

A friend who has some 'Norse' or 'Viking' roots, asked me recently to design a tattoo for her back. Something with some iconic Viking symbolism in it, but also some of my most flowing water work, to reflect her affinity with water and her Aquarian astrological sign. I should note here that although Aquarius is 'The Water Bearer' it is actually an 'Air Sign' oddly enough. Go figure.....anyhoo, this is what I came up with and she seems to like it so far. I would add alot of shading in the background, flowing shaded areas to fit it to her physique better.

1 comment:

wozza p said...

LOVE the image, what does it look like in colour?
Do you have an image that can be uploaded or photo of the finished tattoo you did?