Monday, April 13, 2009

Val's Rose and Koi Pond Tattoo

Recently I was asked to design a tattoo for a good friend of mine, Val. All she told me was that she wanted a large white rose, and a Koi pond, with two or three fish in it. She also wanted to see some blue or purple Iris flowers in the design. The tattoo is intended to go across Val's back, spanning her shoulders and hooking up nicely with the colourful tattoos that she already has on both shoulders.

24 hours later I had come up with this design, and Val is delighted with it. Of course there is still room for the tattoo artist to embellish the colours and design. I hope Val finds an excellent artist to complete this tattoo. I would love to ink it myself, but I think I will need at least a couple of months to master the tattoo gun.....

Here is Val's tattoo, with the line work completely finished!


Val_Y said...

I am extremely happy with the design. Joseph, you nailed what I was looking for and I will ensure you get pictures as soon as I get the ink started.

Val_Y said...

I will be getting this started on May 9th. It will be the first 5 hour sitting out of an 8 hour job. Thats his guess anyway.