Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A Free-form study

This is an attempt at adopting somewhat of a Japanese style into my tattoo designs. Somewhat 'lame' so far. I find one of the most difficult things to do, is to draw in a style that is so uniquely 'iconified' as that of the Japanese tattoo style. In my book 'Elemental Magic' I emphasize the importance of NOT iconifying our elemental designs, but with the art of tattooing, the styles are made entirely of 'icons', that is, highly stylized interpretations of certain elements, with a long history of specific design principles behind them. This I see as one of my greatest challenges getting into tattooing. Although eventually I may be able to set off in my own direction, and create a unique tattoing style of my own, I realize that at the 'apprentice' stage of learning to tattoo, showing a reasonable proficiency in some of the classic tattoo styles, is expected and required. I am just starting, so I will give my self time and space to grow into this....

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