Tuesday, July 13, 2010

My Tattoo equipment has arrived!!

My first shipment of quality tattoo equipment arrived today from Eikon Tattoo! So the dream is becoming a reality.....This is my very first machine, a 'Green Monster' made by Eikon, a relatively inexpensive yet really solid, robust little tattoo machine. This is a shader machine. I got another Green Monster 'liner' machine that has to be assembled, so I can learn more about them while building it and setting it up to run properly. I am immensely excited. My new friend Shawn of Vancouver Island Tattoo in Cumberland is helping me get set up and may even go so far as to do a formal 'apprenticeship'. We are working out the details as we go, but he has already been an incredible helpful resource....

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Carmella Eaglin said...

Your Green Monster tattoo machine looks great! Do you still use it or did you upgrade into a new unit? It would be nice if you use modern autoclave sterilizers and cleaning supplies to your tools too. That way, your customers are guaranteed that you’re giving them safe and efficient service. Well, I checked out your recent posts, and I can say that your works are really awesome. Nice one!

Carmella Eaglin