Sunday, September 26, 2010

My Mexican Tattoo

Back in May of 2009 when I was in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, I got this tattoo down at Baja Tattoo in Cabo. I'm not sure that I've ever posted it here, so here it is....The artist's name is Carlos, and he is the owner of Baja Tattoos. It is in the same mall as Sammy Hagar's Bar, Cabo Wabo. They stay opened late and I think they get a lot of business staggering in from the bar! They do some really fine work at Baja Tattoos. Although I've heard "Don't ever get a tattoo in Mexico!", I can vouch for Baja tattoos being extremely clean, talented and professional! A great bunch of artists work there.....I had this work done before the extensive sleeve work got started on my right arm...

The tattoo is an interpretation of a classic
Aztec sun God design

Carlos and his crew run a really tight ship
down at Baja Tattoos

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