Friday, September 6, 2013

Elemental Magic Tattoos Re-Emerging~!

Here are a few photos of my most recent and not so recent works as well. Some are pieces that I may have posted earlier versions of long ago, so in some cases it is a long overdue final version of an earlier piece.

Bruce's left shoulder is a cover up of a fairly faded and 
very old earlier tattoo, similar to his right shoulder clover-up. Subtle.
Before and after colour.....

The pure black and grey was very sweet. Black went in very nicely.

Nicole's Rose cover up came out so-o-o sweetly!

Working on Nicole's gorgeous roses, on location in Seyward, B.C.

Crystal's backpiece 'tree of life...'

Crystal's backpiece 'tree of life...' detail

checking out her new back.....

Initial line work on Bruce's left shoulder 'cover-up'

Drawing, old tattoo, and first line work on Bruce's right shoulder 'cover-up'

Initial line work on Bruce's right shoulder 'cover-up'

Final black and grey on Bruce's right shoulder 
cover up, before any colour, Rocky Mountain Road Glide
(the blueish tint in the center area is the old faded tattoo being covered up)

Final glorious full colour on Bruce's Rocky Mountain Road Glide

Further progress on Crystals tree...

Earlier work in progress on Crystal's tree...

Nicole's roses, before I added the final darker red and blue.

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